You probably came across Lightworkers saying the Earth is becoming a Star, that we are approaching a more energetic place in our galaxy,there are ripples of high energy coming from the center of our galaxy, we are crossing the photon belt, that we are Ascending to higher dimension where we will be made out of energy so forth and so on…

According to mainstream Science the Sun is approaching a boundary between our Local Interstellar Cloud that is immersed in a much larger expanse of a million-degree hot gas, named the Local Bubble. This new region of space has clouds or cloudlets that are consist of dense dusty plasma and even though scientists have been predicting that we would definitely be hit by dense cloud in 50,000 years time, something less dense has ‘unexpectedly’ arrived. The ‘Ribbon’ that scientists have detected at the edge of our solar system is generated by particles within a strongly magnetised dusty plasma blowing from the direction of the galactic centre that appears to be focused by the galactic magnetic field, in a manner that some believe can be compared to the distortion of a fairground mirror.

Guess what happens when these particles that are FAR MORE HOTTER than the environment in our Solar System reach our SUN? Do you think that maybe it will have an effect on how the Sun spents its fuel? That maybe perhaps the Sun will become much more “violent” from our point of view?

These things happen in the Universe quite often and it is a Natural Process which has nothing to do with us, they are not here to punish or reward us, and according to all that which Lightworkers say there is quite a big chance we will really Ascend with the Earth to another dimension where you are not your body and your life you live here;)

Pack your shit folks we are about to blow up 😛

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