Agape Satori

I have acquired various experiences, both professional and personal in the fields of Human Resources, Psychology, Marketing, Counseling, Consulting, Music Composition and Spirituality. Those have remained as my main interests to this day.

Since 2005 I have gone through researching the basics of Quantum Physics, Deeper Aspects of Consciousness, advanced information regarding Ancient civilizations, in depth evaluation of Conspiracy Theories and lately something which I call Transcendent Spirituality with practical realistic implications in everyday world. 


My interest in the “Alternative View Of Things” was born out of my fascination of the Universe. Before I even went to Elementary School I was already flipping through pages of Encyclopedia, reading about distant Stars and Galaxies, cutting out pictures of known planetary bodies that I would later use for my irst artistic collages. This hobby of mine carried me through my childhood where I was beginning to explore the Paranormal World of UFO, Psychic Abilities and Ancient History.

Being raised in a Christian family that was very heavily involved with Missionary Work was not easy but interesting nevertheless. Thanks to my upbringing I have been introduced to many moral values I would otherwise not been taught about in this world we are living in. My big thanks goes out to my family that has always been there for me, despite the differences in our perceptions of Life as a Whole.

After spending many years in the Church, having experienced many denominations, having met many genuine and many false figures, and having done years of “peeking” into the Alternative View Of The World I decide organized religion is just not the right type of coffee for me. Suddenly I was immersed into the world of Conspiracy Theories that kept me busy for at least 4 years in a very thrilled and rigourous way. I have never been the type of person to support sensationalist claims and attention seeking behavior, so it was hard to sift through all the information available.

My journey took me through being angry at The Powers That Be via information shared by Alex Jones, which only dragged me down into despair and depression, to slowly letting go of my longterm indoctrinated fear of being “thrown down to the pit of sorrow” by the Christian god thanks to people like David Icke who connect the world of Conspiracy Theories to Non Religious Spirituality.

After 6 years of cleaning my Mind, Body and Spirit I have now arrived at a place where I want to share all that I have learned and acquired from such great inspirational people such as Terence Mckenna, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ram Dass, Gregg Braden, Graham Hancock and many others including every single person, animal and spirit I have met…

I am here to share my Knowledge of the Physical and the Metaphysical, to share my Art in Photography, Music and Video, my Time and Energy, all for You with the ambition to help you be more inspired every day

I hope you will enjoy this blog where I will be sharing more personal opinions on all of the topics my time will allow me

With Love and Gratitude
Agape Insitori


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