41 gas emissions and low rumbling tremors: Popocatépetl simmers, bidding her time

Posted on July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012 – MEXICO – The Popocatepetl volcano registered 41 exhalations of steam, gas and ash, in the last 24 hours, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred). In his report by 11:00 hrs on the volcanic activity, the body of the Interior Ministry said the colossus also generated isolated segments of low amplitude tremors. On the latter, it is not detailed the cumulative time in this specific activity, although it was reported that the 41 emissions were of low to medium range. “It is possible that some of them were accompanied by some ash” because of the cloud around the crater that prevented good visibility. In the course of the morning was observed at times a thin pen and persistent water vapor and gas, where persistent cloud cover was removed intermittently. Also in the evening on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning, a bright glow was observed above the crater, an indication of simmering volcanic activity. –Informador (translated)
Is another Colombian volcano awakeningEarthquake Report says: in Colombia, small low-frequency earthquakes are still apparent on seismograms at Sotara volcano. (station SOSO). Sotara was thought to be extinct and is not a Holocene volcano, meaning there is no known eruption of the volcano in recorded history

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